4 Questions To Ask Before Installing Commercial Solar

  1. Is your business suited to rooftop solar?

Ask your installer if your commercial building is suitable for a solar installation. Your installer will conduct an inspection of your rooftop to ensure it receives adequate sunlight and has the area needed to install the correct number of panels.

2. How much money can you save?

Installing a commercial solar system can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill. Symmetry Solar can provide you with a detailed electricity consumption profile and proposal based on an analysis of your current usage. Based on the results of this analysis, our team can recommend an appropriate proposal complete with the return on investment you can expect from your system.

3. Are the products used high-quality and up to standard?

It’s important to make sure your installer uses only the highest quality panels, to ensure they last for years to come and you get maximum return on investment. Low-quality equipment can be unsafe and prone to breaking. Our supplier’s PV equipment has been manufactured to the highest Australian standards and tested for durability and safety.

4. What financial options are available?

An initial outlay is required for any commercial solar install, however don’t let the initial cost stop you from reaping the benefits from generating your own power. At Symmetry Solar, we provide flexible purchasing options to ensure you maximise the financial benefits of your new PV system as soon as possible. Our low-risk financial options will help you generate immediate positive cash flow and tax deductions

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