Solar Energy Innovation

Delivering Return On Your Solar Investment

We’re focused on delivering an exceptional product that provides our customers with resilience for years to come. Through integrity, reliability, by doing what we say we will and always following through. Our teams power forward with accuracy and attention to detail to give back certainty to our clients.

Our Vision

We want to change the way in which our industry operates and to lead by example. At Symmetry Solar it’s never been about a hard sell. We listen to our customers to really understand their needs. Giving our clients confidence and control, by freeing them from traditional energy providers. Shrinking energy bills and downgrading environmental impact.

It’s a sustainable and prosperous economy supported by renewable energy choices, that empower businesses to be more self-sufficient. And it means harnessing the latest technology, installed with state-of-the-art techniques, to ensure a smarter world for generations to come. Our vision is an environmentally balanced future, delivered now.

Change doesn’t happen with force, but you will need power.

Our Values

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Industry Transformers

At Symmetry Solar we are constantly looking for ways to do things differently, providing innovation and technical expertise to our customers to deliver with greater speed, accuracy, and quality for enhanced return.

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Ferociously Fuelled

At Symmetry Solar we are determined to succeed, we decide our future and are always in control of our projects, doing the right things everyday that contribute to the bigger picture.

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Super Charged

At Symmetry Solar we aren’t interested in standing still, or treading water, everyday is about turning up motivated and ready to deliver above and beyond for each other and our clients.

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Shine a Light

At Symmetry Solar we are passionate about improving our industry, righting the wrongs, never making false promises, always delivering on our word to provide complete satisfaction to our customers and show our competitors how it should be done.

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Always On

At Symmetry Solar we take our work seriously but make sure we have fun doing it. We’re a team that supports and looks out for each other, motivated to make the most of every day and give as much as we can.

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Generating Connection

At Symmetry Solar we are passionate about providing an immersive customer experience, building trusted relationships that last, listening to and understanding our clients needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our Story

Despite where we are now, Symmetry are ultimately a small business that grew carefully, over time. Our continued growth has been built on experience, knowledge and by working in close partnership with our clients. It’s about providing industry-leading energy innovations to ensure each project delivers a guaranteed return on investment in as fast a time as possible.

Founded in 2014

Founded by Director Paul Harmsworth, Symmetry Solar was established initially as a general electrical service but began pivoting towards solar upon seeing the overall benefits of clean energy to businesses and the environment.

First commercial installation

The Symmetry Solar team completed their first commercial installation, a model 60KW grid for an electrical company in Australian Capital Territory. Attention-to-detail and quality customer service meant that the job was a complete success — within months, Symmetry started forging their reputation for exceptional energy solutions.

First large-scale commercial installation

Symmetry expands into large-scale commercial installation across metro and regional New South Wales.

Biggest project yet

Symmetry unveils their biggest project to date — a 1.8MW install on one of Australia’s largest university campuses in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Company rebrand

Symmetry Electrical officially shifts to Symmetry Solar, a rebrand that reflects our core focus on and commitment to clean energy.

Expansion to Victoria

Symmetry Solar expands operations to Victoria, enabling us to grow our team, bringing our service and return on investment to even more customers throughout Australia.

ISO Certification Achieved

Symmetry solar received ISO:9001:2015, ISO:45001:2018, ISO14001:2015 certifications in 2021

Companies We Work With

We have installed solar PV systems across multiple industries, including retail, education, government, aged care, hospitality, and recreation.