About Us

Offering a ‘boutique’ service that focusses not only on delivering an exceptional product, Symmetry provides customers with a tailored end-to-end experience.

About Us

Founded as a residential solar PV retailer and installer in 2014 by current Director, Paul Harmsworth, Symmetry have since grown to specialise exclusively in large-scale commercial and utility-scale sales and installations.


To us it’s about delivering more than just power solutions to our clients; rather freeing them from the constraints of traditional energy providers.

It’s about providing industry-leading energy innovations to ensure each project reaches its unique economic potential.

It’s a sustainable and prosperous economy supported by renewable energy choices that empower businesses to be more self-sufficient.

And it means harnessing the latest technology, installed with the state-of-the-art techniques, to ensure a smarter world for generations to come.

Our vision is an environmentally balanced future, delivered now.

Our Story

Quality and attention-to-detail are our first priority, and this is evident across our 15MW+ of installs already installed in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. We have worked with a broad range of clients from multiple sectors including retail, education, government, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics. Despite where we are now, Symmetry are ultimately a small business that grew carefully, over time.


Founded by Director Paul Harmsworth, Symmetry was founded initially as a general electrical service but began pivoting towards solar upon seeing the overall benefits of clean energy to businesses and the environment.
The Symmetry team completed their first commercial installation, a model 60KW grid for an electrical company in Australian Capital Territory. Attention-to-detail and quality customer service meant that the job was a success — within months, Symmetry started forging their reputation for exceptional energy solutions.
Symmetry expands into large-scale commercial installation across metro and regional New South Wales.
Symmetry unveils their biggest project to date — a 1.8MW install on one of Australia’s largest university campuses in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
Symmetry Electrical officially shifts to Symmetry Solar, a rebrand that reflects our core focus on and commitment to clean energy.

Companies We Have Worked With

We have installed solar PV systems across multiple industries, including retail, education, government, aged care, hospitality and recreation.