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The better quality of information Symmetry Solar have, the more accurate the resulting projections will be. Ideally, this includes a few power bills including the full breakdown of costs, interval data from the smart meter & an understanding of the electricity infrastructure on site.

However, Symmetry Solar can prepare an indicative feasibility report from just a bill, as a starting point.

Symmetry Solar began as Symmetry Electrical, we are proud of our highly skilled, Clean Energy Council qualified A-grade electricians & their apprentices, who make up our install teams. Everything is handled by us which guarantees a faster, higher quality end result.

Yes. System providers who are confident in their analysis & install quality will offer an output guarantee, ours covers the first five years of system performance.

Yes, please contact us for details of an appropriate nearby location and we will be happy to supply these to you.

Absolutely, the Australian Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target applies across the country, allowing substantial point-of-sale discounting on smaller commercial systems.

The ATO’s ‘Temporary full expensing’ scheme provides tax benefits for most businesses, more info here.

Additional state based schemes or grants can apply, such as the VEET program in Victoria: Click to read more

Please contact Symmetry Solar to discuss the possibilities for your specific case.

No problem. Symmetry Solar have a range of financing or power purchasing options that are cash flow positive from day one.

Commercial solar systems are designed to generate electricity to use on site. However, often businesses use less power on the weekend or seasonally, resulting in a surplus. This can be fed back to the grid and sold at a ‘wholesale rate’ for further discount off the bill.

Consumption patterns, feed in tariff rates & individual circumstances vary, which is why accurate modelling is an important part of designing a system that will meet expectations.

Please contact Symmetry Solar to discuss the possibilities for your specific case.

In most cases, yes.

It can vary depending on the location, consumption profile, energy contract terms, size of the solar system, etc.

Symmetry Solar will model your investment return calculations based on your specific circumstances.

As many factors contribute to an accurate ROI or IRR calculation, a one-size-fits-all approach will never be accurate.

In simple payback terms, anywhere from 2.5 years to 6 years is currently being seen in the market.

Symmetry Solar will model your investment return calculations based on your specific case.

In all cases where a new solar system is connected to ‘the grid’ a distribution network approval will be required Symmetry Solar will be 100% responsible for this.

A site-specific structural certification is usually included for commercial solar installations, this will be arranged by Symmetry Solar.

Symmetry Solar can also assist with any other relevant approvals, ie. development applications, heritage site approvals, building certification, arranging third party electrical inspection, glare analysis studies etc.

Solar systems don’t have moving parts, so maintenance on high quality installations is minimal.

However, due to expansion and contraction and harsh weather conditions, it is recommended that a qualified solar electrician checks the system annually,

Symmetry Solar include the first two years of maintenance within the cost of all our systems and provide cost-competitive maintenance contracts thereafter.

Usually no, or, just once for the electrical cabling.

Symmetry Solar will inspect your roof and offer the most suitable fixing method, such as Klip Lok clamps, re-using existing holes in corrugated or trapezoidal rooves, ballasted, ChemSet or even adhesive feet options.

Symmetry Solar will discuss the options that best suit your site when quoting.

The Clean Energy Council have produced a handy guide that outlines the expected yield for various sizes by major city around Australia:  Click here to read more

Usually this means installing solar inverters near the main switchboard and solar arrays above. However, other considerations such as site constraints, aesthetics, accessibility, desirable solar array location also need to be considered.

Symmetry Solar will inspect the roof areas and electrical infrastructure before making a recommendation as to the most efficient, safe, cost-effective method of delivering the desired client outcome.

Yes. Client satisfaction is paramount at Symmetry Solar.

Symmetry Solar guarantee your system output for the first five years, so you have absolute peace of mind. In the rare event there is a problem, we make it our priority to get your system back up & running.

We are always a phone call away, ready to troubleshoot remotely, or book a service call with one of our highly skilled solar electricians to diagnose, repair or arrange warranty replacements.

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We have installed solar PV systems across multiple industries, including retail, education, government, aged care, hospitality, and recreation.